Playlist: Drew W-B

Drew W-B, a Philadelphia native, is the man behind experimental black metal/post-rock Lonesummer, bedroom punk Fuck Friends, and the live drums for the ambient/folk/rock band Vindensång. Lonesummer's first full length is set to be released by Music Ruins Lives. A split with Trist (Cze) will follow in the fall, on Ars Magna Recordings as well as a vinyl pressing on Fallen Empire Records.

He's also a good friend of mine. Solid all-around dude.

1) How to Dress Well, “Just Once” EP.
How to Dress Well is a one man, lo-fi kinda R&B’d up dreampop. This EP, dedicated to his best friend who committed suicide last year, is all remixes of some of his previous songs, but with added orchestral elements, making it even more gorgeous and even more bleak. He sings with a smooth, falsetto voice throughout, just drifting along with the waves of echoing reverb.

2) The World is a Beautiful Place and I am No Longer Afraid to Die “Josh is Dead” EP.
Don’t let the ridiculously long name turn you off; these guys are maybe one of my favorite current live bands. They’ve perfected a really original mix of post-rock and emo, with upbeat tempos, catchy hooks, and epic builds leading to tremolo picked bursts.

3) Mike Bruno & The Black Magic Family Band
A local band, who is, in my opinion, the best band in Philadelphia. Lovely, dark, foggy and eerie folk.

4) So Hideous, My Love “To Clasp a Fallen Wish with Broken Fingers”
These guys are based out of NYC and have a really powerful sound, evoking the gorgeous string sections and crescendos of Mono or Godspeed, all wrapped up with a crushing mix of screamo and black metal. I can’t imagine how intense this is live.

5) Dead Man’s Bones “Dead Man’s Bones”
It’s a band consisting of the amazing actor Ryan Gosling and another dude. They use all different kinds of styles as well as a children’s choir to evoke some tunes that sound like a folk band playing in a graveyard.

6) Perfume Genius “Learning”
Twinkly, sad, effeminate-dude piano pop.

7) Infest “No Man’s Slave”
Pissed. Off.

8) Loss “Despond”
I was waiting for this album’s release for years. Not shocked it turned out to be one of the best funeral doom records ever. Right up there with Worship.

9) The Microphones “The Glow Pt. 2”
Phil Elverum was one of the biggest inspirations for me wanting to make music. All of his work as The Microphones and eventually Mount Eerie has been perfect. This album, though, is my favorite, as it’s just all over the place. Each song is amazing, and each one sounds unique. Runs the gamut of genres of folk, indie pop, noise rock, and dare I say black metal (?).

10) Xiu Xiu “Dear God, I Hate Myself”
Xiu Xiu has been a big influence on me in the past year. There’s nothing like weird, melodramatically depressing pop.

11) Liturgy “Aesthethica”
I don’t let personal philosophies, Scion interviews, the way one dresses, where one is from or unnecessarily antagonistic dissenting blog posts affect how I listen to a band. Musically, this is my favorite album of 2011 already.


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