Playlist: Jake Essak

Jacob Essak lives in Chicago, IL and plays guitar in Sun Splitter and Dead Dragon Mountain. Sun Splitter’s album “II” was released by Land of Decay last year and the group recently released a split 7” on Bastard Sloth Records with Bridesmaid. For more information, please visit

Here are a handful of albums, new and old, that have been getting a lot of plays around my place and a few words about why.

Psychic TV - Trip Reset - Begins with a pop song and an early Pink Floyd cover, ends in throbbing, shamanistic passages. An all time favorite.

Alrakis - Omega Cen - Black metal melts into an ambient space voyage, beautiful and mellow.

Babyland - You Suck Crap - New to me 90's punk-industrial. High energy, driving and snotty.

Swans - Soundtracks for the Blind - There are no good words to describe this one. Michael Gira at his best, in my opinion.

Gas - Nah Und Fern - Muffled beats and textural soundscapes. I often fall asleep to this record and have dreams of underwater, slow motion dance parties.

Servile Sect - Realms of the Queen - Adventurous black metal with industrial, prog and psychedelic influences. Really mesmerizing stuff.

Burmese - Lun Yurn - Words that come to mind for this one: heavy, punk, free, noise, grind. Super tight brutal shredding in insane structures.

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