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Born and raised in the rural South of Ireland and currently based in London, England, James Kelly is the founding member of Altar of Plagues and until recent recordings served a role as multi-instrumentalist (playing guitar, drums, keys). He is a graduate in environmental sciences and ecology, and is nearing the completion of a post-grad in Conservation. He is currently finishing recording of his debut EP as "WIFE". This material is somewhat of an amalgamation of all of his musical influences outside of the 'metal' realm.

Artists/albums/labels which I currently/constantly enjoy;

John Coltrane - “Meditations” / “A Love Supreme”
Kate Bush - “Hound of Love”
Deftones - “White Pony”
Orrery - “Nine Odes to Oblivion”
Old Apparatus - “OAP001”
Mamiffer - “Mare Decendrii”
Burial - all
Katharsis -”VVorld VVithout End”
Aurora Borealis Recordings
Miles Davis - “Bitches Brew” / “Kind of Blue”
Stars of the Lid - “Avec Laudenum”
Zomby - “Dedication”
Invictus Productions
Arvo Part
Luke Kelly
Thomas Newman - “American Beauty: Original Motion Picture Score”
Immortal - “Pure Holocaust”
At the Drive In - “Relationship of Command”
Ben Frost
Norma Evangelium Diaboli
Type Records
Editions Mego

Train brakes.
The random segments of a sentence that one hears when a conversation passes by.
The very particular sound Irish cows make in the summer season.

I now reside in a place where I may visit the Taté Modern. It is a hectic place but at the right time of day it is serene and inspiring. I have been taken particularly taken by the work of;
Mark Rothko
Jackson Pollock
Joseph Beuys
Vito Acconci
Richard Serra

“Naked” - Mark Leigh.
“Mulholland Drive” - David Lynch
“Anthem” - Bill Viola.
Akira. (recently revisited this. Absolutely stunning).
Louis Theroux when I don’t feel like thinking.

Writings on the walls of public toilets (sometimes a window to the soul, more often an expression of the perverse).
Colours, blocks, and grids (otherwise known as Ableton live).

Second hand record shops.
W.B. Yeats, particularly the “The wind among the reeds” collection.
John Steinbeck - “To a God Unknown”.
Aldo Leopold - “A Sand County Almanac”.
Friends who both challenge and encourage.
Sleep (something I don’t do enough of)
The following quote by Anatole France- “All changes, even the most longed for, have their melancholy; for what we leave behind us is a part of ourselves; we must die to one life before we can enter another.”

Long walks alone.
Alcohol (sometimes civil, more often not).
Wilderness (urban or rural)
FWD at Plastic People.
Loud shows in small rooms.
Making guitar pedals.
Deathspell Omega's “First Prayer” on repeat in St. Finbarre's Cathedral, Cork, Ireland.
Rhythmanalysis as a philosophical approach to non-musical phenomena.

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Anonymous said...

"Mulholland DR" is such a brilliant film. The first time I saw it I'll admit I was captivated by it visually but baffled completely. Then I watched it again and "understood" what I was seeing. It's the most amazing interpretation of dreaming ever committed to film.