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John Jansen is a graphic designer from the Netherlands. He runs Zeitgeists Publishing and has put out a magazine project called Zeitgeists, which has featured the likes of Justin Bartlett, Demian Johnston, Max G. Morton, Rainbath, Experimental Jetset, and many others. Zeitgeists Publishing is a home to a cassette label that has released tapes from Jet Fueled Horses and Sutekh Hexen. His also runs two additional CD and vinyl labels, Totalvernichtung and Todesstunde, specializing in black metal releases with deluxe packaging. For more information, visit and

Creating a playlist wasn't that easy. As for many, my playlist differs from time to time, and most importantly, from mood to mood. But there are always bands and their sounds that inspire me to start and end a day.


This is my best friend Niels Geybels’ dark ambient/noise/drone project. I was blessed to see him perform during his solo exhibition of paintings, photo-manipulations and graphic design.

Sutekh Hexen
Well, do these two fantastic musicians need an introduction? Being able to release their music was such an amazing experience! First of all, Kevin is such a great human being. I wish there were more people like him. And second of all, I got the opportunity to be a part of Sutekh Hexen’s evolution and hear them grow from release to release...I am curious what they going to bring us more! Can't wait for the full-length!

This is one of many projects of the talented Loke Rahbek. LR brings synth compositions, heavy drones and piercing vocals. I like his work a lot since he is only working with analogue equipment, using field recordings, several tape-decks and several microphones. Along with Christian Stadsgaard, they are the masterminds behind Posh Isolation.

Puce Mary
I can't get enough of her music. She creates great dark ambient noise with some very subtle variations in speed and texture. My favourite release is the LR / Puce Mary collaboration tape, Lucia, but for sure her solo release “Piss Flowers” is as strong at her own.

Damien Dubrovnik
The first time I heard this, I became totally interested in this kind of music. Kinda similar to LR, but with a more aggressive, loud, screaming, distorted voice, which is unexpected and highlights the dark industrial noise. As a lover of punk-influenced black metal, I really could handle this. So he has made me addicted to this, for me, new kind of music.

Everlovely Lightningheart cs
Another great release from Demian Johnston and his label, Dead Accents. I am actually surprised that this tape is still available. Great music for when I am losing control... Beautiful package! (Handmade packaging by Faith Coloccia) Honestly, I bought it for the package, but the music actually impressed me even more. Soundscapes created with field recordings, droning with intriguing textures and lots of different tapping sounds. When people ask me to describe this release, the first word that comes up is: beautiful.

Odz Manouk cs
A great release from Crepusculo Negro. This label only releases good bands. If you haven't heard any of the bands in the Black Twilight Circle, go check them out! /

The Haunting Presence cs
If you are into dirty, heavy black / death metal like Nocturnal Blood and Nyogthaeblisz, you will like this band! Another great relase from Crepusculo Negro.


Terence Hannum’s beautiful art. Most of you are already familiar with his sounds and/or visuals. If you’re not, check out his work ASAP.

Niels Geybels’s beautiful paintings and photo-manipulations. I am very into his latest Monolith project, which he made during his senior year at art-school to get his bachelor’s degree. Soon, Zeitgeists Publishing will release a pendant which has the hexagon shape that Niels uses as his logo for Sequences.

Mark McCoy is able to surprise me every time he presents his art, which includes photo-manipulations to super-detailed drawings of abandoned houses. Lately, he has been busy with photography. He runs his own label called Youth Attack and sings in bands like: Failures, Ancestors and Hallow. Very talented human being with a great vision!

Rainbath Visual / Reuben Sawyer creates great drawings which are inspired by nature and her shapes. Besides that, he has several musical projects which are all great and definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Joshua Bosarge is running a Texas based press that is dedicated to releasing unique, limited edition works. Since he created Calico Grounds, he has been putting out a large amount of work from a wide array of artists. So far, there have been releases in the form of zines, art prints and cassettes. There are many more releases in the works that will be coming soon. Check out Calico Grounds!

OCCULTER houses selected works from the Black Sheep & Prodigal Sons archive as well as pieces designed exclusively for the shop. The location will also host the unveiling of new collections and debut collaborations with other eclectic New York talents. To enhance the experience, patrons may take part in the designers’ inspiration via a curated selection of printed matter.

Society Suckers is a black and white xeroxed photo zine. It documents bands, people, objects and events with a large focus on the punk and hardcore scene. Love these kind of pictures. Fast, anti-pretentious, scene-related zines.

CVLT Nation is an online magazine focused on the darker side of life. They cover music, art, fashion and film that relates to the heavy metal or punk rock subcultures. Bloggers come from all around the world, and help to bring a global perspective to the CVLT community. CVLT Nation is a platform for underground music, both bands with labels and without, and for artists, photographers and filmmakers who explore dark imagery.

Ryan Lowry’s photography is an unique vision on public and private space. He is using his cellphone to freeze moments of somebody’s private space by looking through the windows of somebody’s apartment or house. By viewing his pictures, which are named after the street and zipcode, you get a certain voyeurish feeling of curiosity. /

The Heartworm is one of the most impressive presses and has released many great books and records. Hope to see some new books soon...

A few weeks ago, I made a trip to Amsterdam with my best friends from Belgium and visited the FOAM – The Photography Museum of Amsterdam and a gallery called Serieuze Zaken. FOAM had some great collections at that moment but most interesting were the photographs of Grant Willing. He has a beautiful series of black metal-inspired photos called Svart Metall. Then we went to the Serieuze Zaken Gallery and to see Max Snow’s latest collection, Black Magic, which I found very beautiful and inspiring. /


Graphic – Korean Graphic Design magazine. A must have for typographical and conceptual graphic designers.

Sang Bleu Magzine - A beautiful designed magazine focused on art/tattoo/fashion/humanities. It's an independent crossover project driven by its members’ personal commitment to art, with the eponymous magazine at its centre.

Auris Apothecary – This label creates the most amazing packages and designs for their artists. When I saw their releases for the first time, I didn't dare to release tapes anymore. But instead, I got inspired by the treatment of his releases. Now I am trying to create only handmade packages which respect and honour the artists and their music even more.

Strength and concentration:

Vatican Shadow
Dante Augustus Scarlatti
Lust For Youth
Ex Luminaire
Ash Borer
Joy Division
Johnny Cash
The Haxan Cloak


Niels Geybels
Loke Rahbek
Joshua Bosarge
Terence Hannum
Marc Audette
Banks Violette
Max Snow
Noah Levine
Taking showers (this is seriously when the best ideas pop up)
Walking in the woods
Having a Coffee Soy Latte Hazelnut
Train rides

"Keep it dark."

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