Prurient, Bermuda Drain LP - streaming at Stereogum

Some people are going fucking apeshit about some of the songs on the new Prurient record, claiming that "Prurient is dead" and a whole bunch of other nonsense that shows how stuck people can be on bands and artists staying "true" to one sound. As you can tell, I think most of the criticism of this album is baseless; don't believe what you hear, it's a strong record that introduces some new elements to Prurient's sonic palette while retaining the layered, textured noise that we're all used to. Not so drastic a departure from classic Prurient.  Hear for yourself by streaming the album, in its entirety, at Stereogum.

In any case, it's available now (CD/LP/shirts [CS sold out]) from Hydra Head Records, as well as in the Hospital Productions Store in NYC. If you're in LA, you can get it from Vacation Vinyl, where they're giving out Prurient candles with in-store purchases of the album.

Happy trails.

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SQNCS said...

Hydra Head is going to reissue the tape version in the next weeks. Really like the album, don't care what others say.