Rik Garrett's Kickstarter campaign

Chicago photographer and friend of the blog, Rik Garrett, has been offered a solo exhibition in London to show his recent Earth Magic series of wet-plate collodion process photographs. The offer was made under one condition: he must attend the exhibition. In order to afford the supplies need to complete work on the series and purchase a round-trip flight to London, he needs your help.

He has started a Kickstarter campaign to raise the $2,500 needed to purchase supplies and flights. With pledge amounts from $5 to $800+, he is offering a number of rewards in exchange for your support.

These rewards include:
  • Handwritten thank you notes with a collection of postcards from his previous exhibitions
  • A limited CDR of music from his Finis Gloriea Mundi handmade book
  • Digital reproduction prints of images from the Earth Magic series
  • A set of archival pigment prints from the Symbiosis series
  • A 3"x4" darkroom test print of an image from the Earth Magic series
  • A commissioned custom wet-plate photograph
  • A 16"x20" signed darkroom print from the Earth Magic series
Visit his Kickstarter page for more information about the Earth Magic series and the items you can receive by pledging money to this project.

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Anonymous said...

Great artist and sweet dude!