Sutekh Hexen - "Trinity" 3xCS box set

Our friends in Sutekh Hexen have a three-cassette box set out now via Zeitgeists Publishing. Trinity collects their three C10 releases, Constellations, Ritualistic, and Alters, in one very awesome handmade package. Here are the details:

- 3 different colored pro-dubbed cassettes (black, gray and white) with a label-sticker on each of them, housed in a black on black printed paper shell.
- inside the box there are 4 art pieces, 3 are showing a subtile evolution and the fourth is a photo printed on semi-transparent paper framed in a black heavy carton frame
- This all is housed in a heavy dark grey polished carbon type of carton.
- Sealed with a gold obi strip.

The standard edition of Trinity is limited to 47 copies and is now on sale at the Zeitgeists shop. This will sell out quick, so be sure to order yours as soon as possible.

The special edition of Trinity is limited to 13 copies and will be available soon. This edition of the album comes with:

- a laser engraved logo in black acrylic inside a small black envelope closed with a black logo sticker
- small black sack filled with a small necklace with onyx stones created on Saturday (witchcraft ritual to expel)
- shiny gold box with a grey obi strip
- all this will be housed in a white cotton bag with the SH logo printed on it.

To see process previews and more images of the box set, check the Zeitgeists blog.

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