2 New Releases From Land of Decay

Our friends at Land of Decay have two new cassettes out now that are essential for connoisseurs of fine music.

The first captures two rare releases form Neige et Noirceur, one of the finest and most under-recognized acts in black metal. They walk the line between epic, sprawling black metal and frozen ambient music. It's a shame so few people know of them, because they're so good at times that I find it hard to move. This cassette, Philosophie des Arts Occultes, contains the songs from the out of print album of the same name on side A, and the amazing Thanatonaut on side B. 42+ minutes of music on high bias chrome tape, limited to 100 copies.

The second tape is one that I'm having trouble describing. It is called Desccent into the Maelstrom, by Cultus Sabbati, and it is indeed as mysterious as it sounds. I will let the label do the talking, in this case:

"Cultus Sabbati is a not a group of musicians, but a group of people possessed and ultimately absent from any location, time, or space. “Descent Into the Maelstrom” is a batch of tracks intuitively and mystically linked, each track ebbing and flowing into the next. It’s an album documenting a band possessed, an album that draws you in and forces you into a similar state, or rather, another dimension. You can download their first release “The Garden of Forking Ways” for free at The Quietus."

All I can venture to say is there is something very mystical going on with this release. You must hear it in order to understand. Limited to 93 copies.

As with anything put out by Land of Decay, these will sell down quickly, and they've already been out for a while, so if you want them, you best be quick about it. Get them both here.

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