Blue Sabbath Black Cheer & The Rita - Drowning Witches

Two acts that hopefully need no introduction, as they are two of the best when it comes to harsh noise. They have collaborated to offer this new CDr, and I really can't explain it any better than the label in this case, so I'll let it do the talking...

"In an interesting twist, the sounds within aren’t exactly what you would expect. A very restrained and long piece, Drowning Witches fittingly sounds like lying down in shallow mud puddles while brief pockets of rain and hail form and dissipate over you. A must have for fans of either of these masters."

It's true that it's not what you have come to expect from these projects... the differences are somewhat subtle, but I think most who like and respect this genre of music will have no problems distinguishing this from the typical wall of noise that we generally hear from BSBC and The Rita. Absolutely killer release.

Not available from Gnarled Forest, this time. It can be had in CDr format or you can just buy the mp3s, from the Debacle Records Bandcamp page

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