Cryptborn, In the Grasp of the Starving Dead

I generally find it very hard to breathe in the summer; the heat and humidity make it difficult to take a deep, refreshing breath. That's half the reason I hate summer. Of course, it's possible I've just been listening to too much of this new album from Finnish death metal horde Cryptborn. Their first release, In the Grasp of the Starving Dead, is a 27+ minute EP that is suffocating, oppressive and heavy as hell. Nothing groundbreaking, but a  healthy slab of more-than-enjoyable death metal. Heavy, thick riffs, bad-ass tribal drumming and an infectious old-school quality that will have you playing this over and over again. The vocals are low and set perfectly in the mix - something a lot of death metal bands aren't getting right these days. The preorder for the CD is up now at Dark Descent Records, where a t-shirt is available as well. Hopefully, this sells well enough to warrant a vinyl treatment sometime in the future.

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