Time to Party down with The Flenser again! See that t-shirt above? Good. There are a few available now from none other than The Flenser Records.

So is this. See the art below? Good. It goes with the new cassette from Circle of Eyes. Circle of Eyes is the ambient doom band of HSS friend Kevin Gan Yuen (Sutekh Hexen, VIRALoptic, also happened to design the logo in the t-shirt you said you saw above) and Thrull from Necrite. Our friend J. from Swamp Witch supplies vocals on this too. Pretty damn heavy. And pretty damn rad, too. The J-card for this tape is on heavy stock, and the artwork looks great. 3 tracks, 37 minutes. It's a tape, so it's cheap. Buy or die.

The wonderfully awesome new Bosse-de-Nage album (on CD and vinyl) is now shipping from the Flenser, as well. If you're waiting, then stop being a dick. Order it. Then mug a cop to pay for it. When you're arrested and questioned, tell them why you needed the dough - they'll understand. Don't tase me, bro.

Don't forget - our Flenser Records contest ends on Monday night, so if you haven't yet told us why you love Satan, do so now, in the comments for the contest post.

Get down and party, slime. This shit's on. Much love to you all.

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