Flenser Records Contest Winners

I'd like to thank everyone for their comments/entries. Some were very funny, some were very thought-provoking, some were pure silliness. I enjoyed reading and found value, in one form or another, in nearly all of them.

And with that, the winners...

Two second place winners have won the new Bosse-de-Nage CD, ii. Those two winners are Geoff Birchenall (Asgard Root) and Ka-Kaw. Congratulations to the two of you.

The grand prize winner of the Flenser Records mega-pack is Emma (Faulty), who I know to be a new reader. There are benefits to reading this website, apparently! Awesome!

The winners have been alerted. Many congratulations to all three of you, and thanks for your unique contributions. 

Thanks to you all for entering, and of course for reading the website. HSS doesn't exist without you all.  The best of luck to you all next time around. I guarantee there will be plenty more opportunities to win great prizes. Let me assure you we have some great content coming up, including some fantastic surprises.

Ave Satanas.

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