Graceless Recordings

Graceless Recordings is an independent record label based out of Nashville, Tennessee, "specializing in analog formats of a dismal and arcane nature." Their first two releases are cassettes  - the first by a funeral doom band out of San Fran called Lycus (which we've featured before, and contains a member of Deafheaven), which you see above. The 4-song demo is slow, low and fairly agonizing. Riffs-a-plenty.  You can download the Lycus demo from their Bandcamp, but it's always a good thing to own physical copies, especially analog ones. Limited to 200 copies.

The second cassette is the first offering from Tennessee's Vesicus, who play harsh, scathing black metal. This tape is Raw, (that's right, with a capital R), and it is something you don't want to miss. If I understand correctly, Vesicus contains a member of Loss, who released one of the best albums this year in Depsond. Our friend Aesop over at Cosmic Hearse has likened this to the work of some of the bands in the Black Twilight Circle, and that's a good reference point. Great stuff. Also limited to 200 copies.

Again, both of these are available for order from Graceless Recordings. Act fast, or be left out in the cold.

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Anonymous said...

Vesicus is the other members of Mourner w/o Mike from Loss. Just to clarify..