Krallice, Diotima 2xLP Preorders

Krallice's latest offering of experimental black metal is in the process of being pressed to wax. Honestly, this was the toughest of their three albums for me to get into, but once it finally clicked, the payoff was perhaps the greatest. No giant departure from their previous two albums, just the band doing what they've been doing so well for the last few years - playing energetic, technical and passionate black metal. The vinyl is being done up by Gilead Media, so you know it will be a tremendous package. 2 slabs of 180-gram wax, in heavy-duty old-style tip-on gatefold jackets. Available with a t-shirt as well. Preorder now - should be shipping in about a month.

In other Krallice news, the band recently recorded an EP called Orphan of Sickness, which is a tribute to the great Brooklyn metal band Orphan... more specifically, a tribute and homage to Brendan Majewski, one half of Orphan, who recently took his own life. There's no way to make sense of the tragedy and devastating loss, so Krallice  made this EP - consisting of three Orphan covers - instead. You can download it for free, here.

Also, if you're a fan of Krallice, you will probably enjoy the digital album Passage, by a pre-Krallice project called Hymn. You can stream it for free, or download the whole 44-minute album (for only $4) from the Hymn Bandcamp page.

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