Mick Barr, Coiled Malescence LP

Man, these guys keep busy. Mick Barr is perhaps best known these days for being one of the guitarists-extraordinaire in the NYC-based avant-black metal band Krallice (an HSS favorite), and has also released solo albums as Ocrilim and Octis, and as a member of Orthrelm and Crom-Tech. His latest solo offering, being released under his own name, is titled Coiled Malescence and is being released on LP by Safety Meeting, and later on CD (with bonus unreleased Ocrilim tracks) by Savage Land Records. The LP, which you can preorder now here, is set to be released on September 13th, with all preorders shipping by September 5th. 500 copies of it were pressed - the first 150 come in letterpress paste-on jackets, with the remaining 350 in reverse-board printed jackets. All vinyls will include a letterpress insert of the artwork.

Mick is one of the best guitarists in metal today, an while this isn't really a metal record, his out-of-control (yet quite controlled, you dig?) guitar POWERS (prowess?) are on display here. It's an experimental take on what Mick does so well in Krallice, and if you're into that sort of thing, you'll really enjoy this. I was just discussing yesterday how this sort of technical take on guitar-playing can really strip the passion from otherwise good music, but that's not the case here - far from it, in fact. If you have ever witnessed Krallice or any of Mick Barr's projects play live, I don't have to tell you that Mick plays with as much ferocity as anyone. This is faster than most ambient music you'll hear, but it almost feels like ambient music when you listen, carrying you into a trance-like state where your awareness is heightened to previously unknown states. This isn't background music, though - it commands your undivided attention, if you want to "get" everything out of this that there is to get. It's powerfully poetic music - in my opinion, music you've got to hear, if even once.

To give it that first listen, head over to Decibel to stream the entire album.

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