New Preorders from Handmade Birds

That time has come again, that time when R. Loren of Pyramids comes around to offer us more lovely vinyl releases - or at least preorders for such releases. This time there are three, and all three are - you guessed it - absolutely necessities for the distinguished record collection. The first you see above, and it is clearly a continuation of Mr. Loren's plan to baffle us all by releasing music that renders the word "genre" useless. This Crooked Necks album, following in the footsteps of their split with Circle of Ouroborus, has been six years in the making, and now that it is done, it is easy to see what's been going on. Crooked Necks have been writing and recording some amazing and creative music that features elements of drone, shoegaze, folk, post-punk, metal, and just about anything else. The album is at times hysterically melancholy, hopeless, and surrendered, and at other times raging out of control, grasping for someone to blame. It careens all over the place, but remains a cohesive record from beginning to end. It's an astonishing recording that may take time to love, but once it's found a place in your consciousness, it will reward you for years to come. It is available on its own, or as part of a package that also contains a 12" of Crooked Necks covering Joy Division and the Hostage Pageant Abuse Generator CS.
Next up is one of my most anticipated releases for this year, the LP version of A Natural History of Failure by the enigmatic Human Quena Orchestra. I admit that I don't know much about this artist (band?) - in fact, I know nothing at all, except the fact that the music created under the moniker is what it will sound like when the collapse is finally upon us. When civilizations falls, this music will be the soundtrack.  There is plenty of bleak music out there, folks, but this is the most apocalyptic music I've ever heard. Drone, doom, and dark ambient all play a role here, converging to arrive at something that may haunt your dreams until said collapse has arrived. According to the label, "if you bought Blut Aus Nord's Mort LP, you own one of the two darkest records on wax. This is the other." No argument here. That's dead-on. Again, this is available by itself, or as part of a bonus noise package containing other goodies.
Last but not least, a 4xCD collection of some of the saddest music you're likely to hear from the Latvian one-man band called Sun Devoured Earth. 7 official releases (Good Memories Are The Hardest To Keep, I Wish I Would Never Wake Up, All Things Come And Go But We Won't Break, Untitled, The Sunshine Always Fades, Apathy And Hopelessness, and the brand new Day After Day, Year After Year, When Will It End) spanning 4 discs, each in its own sleeve, then stacked in a 5" reel box and hand-numbered. I only recently discovered this guy's music, and it is beyond incredible. Some of the most heartfelt music in existence, and I can not possibly recommend it more. You can stream or download most of it from the artist's Bandcamp page, but we obviously encourage you to support Handmade Birds by buying this boxed set, which will be quite striking. And it's only $20.

All of these can be had, in addition to a number of bad-ass distro items, by going here. You are advised to pre-order; some Handmade Birds releases have been known to sell out, especially colored vinyls...

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