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Wesley Crow is the sole member of the black metal project Wheels Within Wheels, which last year released its first full-length, The Shift, as well as a highly limited EP, The Six Months of the Northern Course of the Sun, on EEE Recordings. Wheels Within Wheels' second split CD with Panopticon was released earlier this year by Pagan Flames. Crow is also a founding member of doom band Seidr, with Panopticon's A. Lunn.

Well, first off I have been listening to a lot of unreleased records.

Lake of Blood - Burial Ground Session
One of my favorite bands and this is them in their finest element, completely live. So heavy. I was blessed with a short tour with these guys and got to see them every night. This will be out on tape soon
Panopticon - Social Dis-services + Kentucky
The first is one of the blackest records I have ever heard. It makes the Lurker of Chalice record sound like a Greatfull Dead cover band. It gets played a lot. The next is sadder in a different way. It hits home hard, pure passion for the art of music.
Merkaba - "Laments"
This is a long track for a split these guys are doing soon. I think people get the wrong impression from these guys and think they have heard it before and there is nothing new here. Sit with this band a while and you will be changed. The first time I saw them live was like being on some wonderful drug.
Here is some stuff that is actually out.
Atriarch - Forever the End
Man this takes me back. I needed this record to fill a void. So good.
Fell Voices - Demo
Finally on wax where it belongs.
Falls of Rauros - The Light that Dwells in Rotten Wood
Honored to have played several shows with them too. This record is simply amazing and the dudes that made it are as well.
ASVA - Presences of Absences
Been spinning a lot. Love this band.
Master Musicians of Bukkake - Totem Three
Now the trilogy is complete. Love this worldish stuff.
GiantKind - Early Harvest, Late Harvest
JACK! I would kiss this mans lips if I could find them.
Obsequiae - Suspended in the Brume of Eos
Another fine release from Bindrune.
Panopticon - ...on the subject of Mortality
Wodensthrone - Loss
Been out for a bit but keeps making its way to the player.
Voivod - Warriors of Ice
Great live set. Lot of classic Voivod.
40 Watt Sun - The Inside Room
I woke up from a frostbitten vomit-filled hellish delusion ride to Maine and who was blasting from the speakers? Warning. So yeah I dig 40 Watt Sun.
Njiqahdda - The Path of Liberation from Birth and Death
One of their finest moments and there are a lot to choose from.
Below - St. Anthony's Fire
This is a band to see live. Love these cats bigtime.
Melvins - Sugar Daddy Live
Yep.Best band ever.
Jesu - Ascension
Its Jesu, I love it.
Merkaba - Bones of the Sacred Forest
Blows me away.
Wolves in the Throne Room - Celestial Lineage
I got to listen to the new one. Really liked what I heard.
Bosse de Nage - ii.
Still waiting but I know it will rule.
Other stuff in the rotation old and new...
The Body, Drudkh, Celestiial, Suffocation, Cough, Krallice, Nadja, Deadbird, Blood of the Black Owl, Death (always), Harvey Milk, Thou, Skagos, Batillus, Swans, Horseback, Pestilence (old), and I'm sure a bunch of others.
I can hardly sit through a movie anymore.
Have not read too much lately.
Thank You.

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