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wm.Rage is a founding member of Blue Sabbath Black Cheer and the sole person behind Nervous Corps (HNW). He is also co-owner and part-time help of the Gnarled Forest Recordings record label, and previously owned and operated Enterruption Records (1993 2008). Involved with the Nihilist Assault Group and Pig Heart Transplant. For more information, visit

Recent Listenings and Buyings from the past 3 weeks (includes 2 trips to Singles Going Steady record store):
Alo Girl "Unleashed Perversions" c30
Ghost "Processional" CDr
Taskmaster "The Blood Of The Forest Turns The Streams Dark Red" CDr [split with Kakerlak & Terg]
Rééducation "Derrière Les Dogmes" CDr
An Innocent Young Throat Cutter "Mrs. Wardh" LP
Griz+zlor "Glaciating 1", "Glaciating 2" 2xc95
The Sandman Wears A Mask "Sleep Forever" CDr

I do love me HNW. A LOT! It's what I wanted noise to sound like when I first discovered noise way back when. Total focus of sound. Violence through near to complete static movement. Distortion worship.

Crash Worship ADRV
What So Ever Thy Hand Findeth - Do It With All Thine Might 12"
Pillar Of Fire 12"
Flow 12"
Pyru 7"
In The Labrynth Of The Master 7"
Pure: Salute To Irwin 7"

Yeah, I went on a ADRV binge the last week, pulled out all my records. Easily the greatest live band I ever saw! & I got to see 'em somewhere around 15 times, everytime a force to be reckoned with. Since they disbanded I'm still bored when I go to shows. Blue Sabbath Black Cheer recently did a live cover of Crash Worship, in collaboration with Microscopic Suffering: explosive.

Iron Lung "I Hate You Motherfuckers" cassette
The ALMIGHTY Iron Lung!!! 3 live recordings from their last Australian tour. Does anything else really need be said about these fine upstanding gents?? Nope, they RULE!

Dead Language "Dead Language" LP
Iron Lung with the singer from No Comment/Man Is The Bastard and the bass player from Running For Cover. This record is as amazing as you could hope for, and more! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Gloom "Vokusatsu, Seisin, Hatansha" LP
Mid 90's Japanese crasher crust. When in Japan last I bought a bunch of their records, am now doing better for it, thank you.

Good Looking Communists "Live At Bar Mizva" LP
What could possibly go wrong on an LP in the Tochnit Aleph Punk Series? Attack cut-up distort weird! Yes!

Low Threat Profile "Product #2" LP
Another Power Violence super group, this time the guitarist from Infest, drummer of Lack Of Interest, and the aforementioned singer of No Comment. Speaking my languages. Ha!

Melvins "Sugar Daddy Live" CD
My favorite rock band of all-time! 25+ years and stronger, heavier and more rockin' than ever!

Void "Hit And Run / Condensed Flesh Demos" LP
Motherfukkin VOID! Ahead of itself hardcore, consistently verging on the brink of total collapse, as close to chaos you can get and still hum along. Fukk! Their side of the split LP with Faith still burns down buildings.

Antisect "Leeds 2.4.86" LP
Their classic first LP, In Darkness There Is No Choice, is still a favorite record from my youth. This live LP: the mix grew on me after a quick bit. Definitely worth it for the packaging that includes extensive liner notes, interviews, photos, etc.

Doom "Doomed From The Start Demos" LP
More of that bulldozer hardcore sound known as crust. Great record. Good recording quality suits this well: raw burly. Used to have this on CD, sold it, now it's on vinyl....

C.C.C.C. "Community Center Cyber Crash - Live In Pittsburgh" LP
Masters of harsh psychedelic noise. What I wanted noise to sound like when I first discovered it way back when. Saw them play San Francisco in '95 and their performance still ranks super high for me!

Deathspell Omega "Paracletus" LP
Read an interesting essay on this album last night so I pulled it out this morning.... I enjoy this record quite a bit but it still hasn't sank in like Fas or Si Monumentum did right away.

Factums "The Sistrum" LP
Local Seattle art-noise-rock duo or two-piece-experimental-kosmische-damage-jams. Either way, good stuff.

Gravitar "A Brief History... (revised)" CDr
Listened to this gem on my way to BSBC practice today. It's where we got our name from, partially. These dudes are seriously criminally underrated. Super heavy, psychedelic damaged noise rock: too noise for rock, too rock for noise. I cannot scream loud enough that more people should be into these dudes....!

A stack awaiting listening:
Sutekh Hexen "Luciform" LP
Hatred Surge / Mammoth Grinder LP
Doom "Lost The Fight / Pro-Life Control Sessions" LP
Dropdead / Converge "20 years" 7"
V/A Brutal Supremacy 2x7" -Iron Lung / Mind Eraser / Hatred Surge / Scapegoat
Pig Heart Transplant "PHTV" 7"
Extortion / Agents Of Abhorrence 7"
Extortion "Control" 7"
Discharge "Apocalypse Now" LP
Factums "Gilding The Lilies" 2xLP

Ordered, waiting for them in my postal box:
Nurse With Wound "Acts of Senseless Beauty" 2xLP
Die Reitenden Leichen / Svartvit "No Future" c80
Die Reitenden Leichen / Ptomain c60
Die Reitenden Leichen "Bored & Dirty" c30

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