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Hello again,

I find myself suddenly uncloaked, breathing deeply in the clearing skies, regurgitated by the Swallowing Mist- and it is from here that I come again bearing an offering from my clan. I've spent the last two months traversing the West Coast and seeing the many friendships of providence in my life come to some fruition. And one of the many results of this Journey is my ability, now, to share with you but another small, yet unwittingly crucial, step down the path. As another friend of mine says, this is a further tightening of muscle 'round "the reins of our Vision."

What I present are the home wanderings of Paul Riedl, known to some through the many faucets of his creativity, however probably best through his contributions to the label Woodsmoke, and the bands Leech, Münn and now Velnias.

I'll leave the rest to the creator, himself. Click the image as a link.


Special Low Frequency was created in the Winter of 2008 explicitly to release various home recordings of mine for free; Having learned that it is somewhat impractical to simply give away tapes at random while simultaneously expecting them to be available to the world in a consistent manner, I realised it was necessary to start an additional sub-label (among the many) which specialised exclusively in my own recordings in which releases were indefinitely in print and available to the right people. This way, no bands or individuals other than myself would be shorted by distro'ing their shit for free or otherwise haphazardly (leaving tapes in treetops, randomly gifting them to strangers, sneaking them into a host's tape shelf on tour, etc). The point is that Special Low Frequency titles are always, but only, available directly from me, in person, and for free (or trade, of course). In this way, there is always a root to follow for anyone interested in hearing what I (or select cohorts) have been up to under the wake of Woodsmoke's hiatus, while at the same time things remain low-key (and ideally, even more under the radar than its parent label) and personal since you must first have some sort of physical connection to me in order to come across them. The idea of the associated SLF blog is in line with this, since its minimal content simply allows one to download each tape in the event that we have never met, or if you have a tape and would like to listen to it digitally. There will never be anything posted to it other than a tape cover, track listing, total playing time, and link to a .zip file containing all of the above. A key note to this concept is that these recordings are not "bands" or "records" out there vying for your attention; They're just tapes - obscure and random, sometimes interesting, perhaps boring, but above all they are sincere and free like the humans who've made them. Take what you will from them, and try not to give too much of a shit that they aren't metal.


M. said...

elitist bullshit of which 50% of the press will eventually end on ebay. pff

Industrie Chimère Noire said...

I've downloaded a few album from this website a few month ago and I have to say that I enjoy very much most of the album I've download...