Sutekh Hexen, Luciform LP & No Funeral, s/t 12" EP

Finally, the debut LP from California's Sutekh Hexen is upon us. Entitled Luciform, this LP will destroy your place of residency, so prepare to be homeless. Everything the band has done has been great, but this album is miles beyond their previous works. Droning, destructive, cacophonous atmospheres surround the wall of noise, which stands on a solid base of catchy, heavy riffs and screamed, face-melting vocals. There is a cosmic aura to the madness at hand on this LP; you'll feel yourself awash in the remnants of a dying star, about to be sucked in to the black hole - but you'll never get there, so your body and mind will have to cope with being torn apart for eternity. It feels as if Sutekh Hexen's previous work was leading us here all along, building up to finally present this blakkened opus of primal darkness. Descend into the maelstrom now, and order this LP from Wands. Limited to 350 copies, 100 of which are purple. If you order multiple copies, one is guaranteed to be the color variety. Be thankful that this is only available on vinyl - the music is amazing, so it would work on any format, but this truly is one of those releases that needs to be presented on wax to get the full effect. Do it now and worry about how you'll pay the bills later.
Also available from Wands is the debut EP of raw, scathing, blackened punk from a band called No Funeral. You must hear this; I'm not sure what it is, but this band is onto something- something gloriously malevolent and brutal. This 12" EP was mixed and mastered by Sutekh Hexen's Scott Miller, and the artwork and layout was done by Scott's bandmate Kevin Gan Yuen. Amazing in all facets. Again, LP only, limited to 350 copies, 100 of which are on clear vinyl. Order here.

Both of these LPs are must-haves, so if you can find a way, order them now. I doubt either will last very long.


Matt said...

alas, does not ship to the UK- alas and alack!

Anonymous said...

Just email if your overseas and ill take care of you

Anonymous said...

I thought there were tape versions coming too.