Terzij de Horde, A Rage of Rapture Against the Dying of the Light LP

We covered this album late last year, here. The band released the CD themselves, and now it's getting a well-deserved vinyl treatment from Antithetic Records. Remastered for vinyl, limited to 500 copies on 2 different colors (black and gold) of 180 gram wax, packed in a full color reverse board gatefold jacket. Pretty damn sweet. The music, as you can tell from the review in the link earlier, is pretty darn good as well. Say what you want about the "post-black metal" trend, but there guys are the real deal. There's an honesty and passion here that's tough  o beat. Test presses were approved, and this is at press as I type this- should be shipping out no later than September 12th. Preorder today - and maybe, just maybe, you'll win one of the test presses. Preorder and get more details here.

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