2 Monsters from 20 Buck Spin

Two beasts that you must own, if you are a self-respecting heavy-music fanatic.  First, YOB's fantastic new album Atma, now available on vinyl. A colored version was available but sold out rather quickly, as should be expected. The black gatefold 2xLP is still available here.

Also, the latest offering from one of the best doom bands on the planet, Australia's Mournful Congregation. Not new material, but a compilation of the tracks from their splits, The Unspoken Hymns should whet your appetite for the new full-length, Book of Kings, coming later this year... Get this killer compilation here or here.

1 comment:

Mark said...

The colored yob vinyl is gorgeous. 20 buck spin got them out immensely fast. I always find myself impressed with 20 buck spin. Phenomenol label.