2 New Tapes on Strange Rules

2 great new cassettes are out on Strange Rules, one of the best underground labels for experimental noise and power electronics. First up is a reissue of the third release from Zen Zsigo's Cremation Lily, Sexless Merit. First issued on a 3xCS (which sold out quickly), it is now available on a single cassette. Cremation Lily is just about the tops when it comes to power electronics - you honestly won't find much better. This is limited to 19 copies, so if you missed the original issue of this cassette, grab this one now before they're gone. If you missed the first two Cremation Lily tapes, Strange Rules is also distro-ing a few copies of their re-issue as a 2xCS, put out by Waterpower. Again, act fast.

Also available now is the anticipated debut release from Royal Tropical Institute, entitled Ornament.  Strange Rules calls this "lo-fi industrial. ambient noise, pulsing electronics, rhythm + other foreign sounds seep through the cavern wall. Trance induction." A fitting description indeed. This is also limited to 19 copies and will sell out quickly, so get it now while you have the chance, unless you want to cry in your soup later.

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