Harpoon, Deception Among Birds

Hell yes. The last we heard from Chicago's Harpoon was the split 7" with Locrian, released in late 2009. Their debut full-length (if you count 23 minutes as a full-length), Double Gnarly/Triple Suicide, was released earlier that year, and with Deception Among Birds, set to be released October 25th by Seventh Rule, it's quite plain to see the band has grown by leaps and bounds.

This is not to say that the earlier work was bad. It was actually quite good. The immutable power and energy that characterizes this band was there, but the material suffered from being a little uneven at times, and to be honest, songwriting was not the band's strong suit. That has completely changed this time around. Deception Among Birds is a surprisingly good record, highlighted by songwriting that has become one of the band's finer aspects.The aforementioned ferocity is still front and center, but an almost progressive edge to the songs has made for a much more interesting and diverse release. The 7+ minute "Troglodyte's Delight" acts as the album's centerpiece, as nothing they've written before sounds like this song at all. It has a nearly doom-y feel to it at times, allowing the band to stretch and breathe a little bit.

Don't worry, though - Harpoon can still shred, thrash, and grind with the best of them, and they do plenty of it on this record. It's just nice to hear them do some other things as well. Everything that's done on this album is done well, making it darn near impossible to play just once without wanting to hear it again right away. It's infectious like that, and I wouldn't change a thing about it. It gets a very high recommendation from HSS, and we strongly urge you to pick this up from Seventh Rule when it becomes available. We also suggest that you head to Harpoon's Facebook page to stay up-to-date on shows and whatever else is going on with the band.

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