Locrian - The Clearing

Our friends in Locrian have a new album coming out November 1st via Fan Death Records.

The follow-up to last year's awesome double-CD/single LP The Crystal World, The Clearing is a single LP comprised of four tracks: "Chalk Point", "Augury in an Evaporating Tower", "Coprolite", and "The Clearing". The album is recommended for fans of Yes' Relayer, Throbbing Gristle, La Monte Young, Hive Mind, and Burzum's Aske. An unusual mix of recommendations, but it definitely makes sense when you listen to their music.

Fan Death Records has a pre-order set up at their online store. The album is $20, and the first 100 pre-orders come with a flexi-disc. As there are currently no plans for a CD version, each LP comes with a download code.

Check out the opening track, "Chalk Point," and the press release below:

Locrian Chalk Point by Fan Death Records

"Coming up from the basements of experimental black metal, Locrian quickly made a name for themselves, laying the cobblestones for their own unique world. Through three LPs and a small stash of other releases, the group have floated ever towards a mesmerizing sound that defies classification. Dark, brooding, complex, and lush, with each release Locrian have raised the bar for their own grey sky heightened standards. 

This fall, Fan Death Records sees Locrian give birth to their magnum opus. The Clearing breaks free of the “must own” list for the group itself, and transcends into a “must own” list for general fans of everything from Loveless to Goo to Black One, Touched, Through Silver and Blood, and beyond. Not quite ambient, certainly not black metal, The Clearing takes a diversity of sounds, combined with a hushed aesthetic, and folds them into a mature record that demands attention from the first second to the last. This may be the closest the group will ever come to capturing the holy communion of their live performances. 

The ominous sounds that escape cognitive identity clatter through the intro of “Chalk Point” before falling into the gulf of layers that comprise the majority of The Clearing. Pushing the organic and the electronic in and out, with "Augury in an Evaporating Tower" and "Coprolite," Locrian adds a mastery of everything from hushed acoustic guitar to near power electronics to synths that break through from a world of giallo soundtracks, penning a near symphony while never faltering from a solid path. The beacon atop this secret pyramid is “The Clearing” itself. Here you find a staggering arc of sound that may be the group’s finest hour. At nearly 20 minutes, a slowly building rite pulls the listener into a place and time that they will compulsively visit over and over again to better understand. For every person any of the above strikes a chord with, Locrian is a must-know band, and The Clearing is a must-own album."

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