Playlist: Alexander Toulas

Alexander Toulas is a multi-instrumentalist, designer, and publisher from the United
States. Having founded Ivory Antler Records in 2008, Toulas has performed with a
number of groups both on and off of his own roster, projects that include Arctique
Circles, Trilobite, and Onibaba. He has also collaborated with current & former
members of Dzakar, Capsule, Torche, Kylesa, & Melvins.


Favorites of this past week or two:

Sutekh Hexen – “The Calling”
Harvey Milk – “My Broken Heart Will never Mend”
Vashti Bunyan – “Rose Hip November”
This Mortal Coil – “ Kangaroo”
Njiqahdda – “Transcendental Knowledge upon the Battlefield”
Tiny Vipers – “Young God”
Agalloch – “Into the Painted Grey”
Peter Gabriel & Kate Bush – “Another Day”
Skin – “1,000 Years”
Deathspell Omega – “Apokatastasis Pantôn”
King Crimson – “The Court of the Crimson King”
Menace Ruine – “The Die is Cast”
Slint – “Washer”
True Widow – “Skull Eyes”
Heinali & Matt Finney – “Postcard”


Revisiting the Italian classics, but in terms of upcoming films, I would like to see The
Thing prequel & Lars Von Trier’s “Melancholia.”

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