Playlist: Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell

Gylve "Fenriz" Nagell is the drummer and lyricist of the legendary band, Darkthrone. He has been involved in a number of side/solo projects, which include Fenriz' Red Planet, Valhall, Isengard, and Neptune Towers. Fenriz also runs Band of the Week, where he shares links to new bands that he has discovered each week. Check out his site for links to bands, compilations and mixes he has made, and more.

PARASITE "in the beginning/burning" 3 notes on added guitar in the refrain makes me die. and classical music in the melodic part. 80s

220 VOLT "mistreated eyes" my fave refrain of heavy/speed metal the last two years. 80s ofcourse

HEADLIGHT "headlight (english version) japanese people shouldnt call their band headlight cuz of pronounciation. but i'm glad they did.

GOTHAM CITY "hang on" just gorgeous heavy metal

RON ASHETON's NEW ORDER "rocknroll soldiers" instant classic

THE AD's "living downtown" got that 70s us punk vibe ofcourse and lovely lyrics. probably IS 70s

HOLY TERROR "debt of pain" yeah i know it's a remake of an old agent steel song, but this kicks ass too, intense drumming, max metal

CRUSH "run to the highway" greek heavy metal from 93 that sounds EXACTLY like 84. refrain to die for.


hhhaaaooonnn said...

thank you for this one.
always interested in "your man, Fenriz"

Anonymous said...

this is totally awesome!