Airs, Gloomlights 2xCD

A band and label we have supported since the beginning. Airs have long been favorites of ours for their ability to write and play amazing music without the confines of genres or any shit like that. And Music Ruins Lives is one of the best new labels to pop up in recent memory, releasing one gem after another.

This promises to be no different. 2 CDs worth of new material from Airs... their first new material since the stunningly beautiful Rainclouds Over The Remains of Hope. It will soon be streaming from the MRL Bandcamp page, so you can give it a listen to be sure you're buying quality. Or you can take my word for it. Airs do no wrong, and neither does MRL (I promise - and I'm not even fucking any members of the band or label!). This is limited to 50, so you'd best hustle over to the MRL shop to preorder it now.

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