Brighter Death Now, Very Little Fun 4xLP

It took a Facebook post from 20 Buck Spin to remind me how much I once, not too long ago, really enjoyed industrial (particularly death industrial) music. And Brighter Death Now has always been one of the cutting-edge leaders and innovators of the genre, incorporating dark ambient and power electronics sounds into the massive music of BDN.  I know HSS doesn't cover much industrial music, but that could be changing real soon as I become immersed in these wonderful sounds yet again. It can't be all metal all the time.

In any case, this album is a monster. Roger Karmanik's latest album as Brighter Death Now, the first since 2008's masterpiece Necrose Evangelicum, is lengthy, taking up 3CDs or 4LPs, but every single second is brilliant, intense, and as dark as anything you'll hear on a metal album. From start to finish, all the bases are covered, as Karmanik seems to cover everything BDN has ever done in what could almost be a retrospective of his career. But as he's always does done, there's groundbreaking stuff going on as well. It may not always be so easy to pick out, as there is so much going on in any given Brighter Death Now track, but if you listen closely, you can hear the hints of innovation. Karmanik has been doing this for so long that even the new sounds reek of familiarity (I mean this in a positive way), but it's impossible to deny that he will never rest on his laurels, always opening up new paths and walking down different roads, even if they are subtly different.

I've never had an easy time writing about this type of music, so I'll stop rambling on, but you should know that this can be had as a 3xCD or 4xLP (can't guarantee the vinyl will be around too long, and it is of course the preferred format - the package in amazing) from Tesco USA.

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