Stoneborn IV: Altus

Inhale- breathe in a full welcome of absolute darkness
a corroding emphases of nothing so complete
that it is the very obsidian blood of night.
Fall, endless, hopeless, sinking to despond
until there is no shard of bottom remaining,
only gasping holes of naught.
It is there you will find purchase; torn in two; splayed of being.
Trust in the buoyancy of the earth to pull you into chthonic arms.


Inhale- breathe in a full apotheosis of manifest light
a affirmation of form so complete
that it is the very ethereal blood of the sun.
Soar, endless, ceaseless, transcending to godhood
until there is no grasp of below remaining,
only encapsulating vastness of all.
Is there you will find purchase: all in nothing; solar of being.
Trust in the love of the earth to pull you in to chthonic arms.


Anonymous said...

Whats going on here I am lost....

Evil_Ernie said...

I'm pretty lost too. An explanation of what this is would be very helpful.

Krumbled Kookie said...

I'd encourage you to spend time with it and try to figure out what it is for yourselves...

NB said...

Did you read Spring Speaks Truth?

Stoneborn Ravens said...

If you are asking me, the author of this post, yes I have read Spring Speaks Truth- quite a few times over, in fact. Also working on publishing some of Scott's other amazing works in a publication I work with called Amarantos.