Junius/Rosetta Split LP

I had no idea this was getting pressed on wax, but I'm certainly glad to see that it is. It's a one-sided split LP from two great bands in Junius and Rosetta. The LP features a laser-etching on the b-side, and is available in a couple of different colors and/or package deals from The Mylene Sheath.

The new Junius album is coming out on Prosthetic, but The Mylene Sheath also have some 180 gram black copies of that for sale as well. Also, check out the new 2xLP from Beneath Oblivion, which sounds amazing.

Of course, if you're interested in the Junius/Rosetta split on CD, you can get that now from Translation Loss (which I assume will have copies of this vinyl for sale soon as well), along with the  new album Cenotes from the always amazing Giant Squid.


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