Lonesummer and Greys CDs From Music Ruins Lives

Those motherfuckers at Music Ruins Lives are up to their old tricks again, with two new releases to inaugurate their Quick Fix Series.  While not giving up anything in terms of quality, they're trying to keep production costs down, which means that these two new discs are not preorders - they'll be ready to ship within a couple of days. The first is There Are Few Tomorrows For Feeding Our Worries, the first full-length album from Philadelphia's Lonesummer. After a few superior demos and the split with Planning For Burial, it was time for a "properly" recorded album, and I understand this was recorded in an actual studio. Fuck kvlt points, it sounds amazing. More melodic, more of a post-rock influence, but it manages to retain that raw quality that has always made Lonesummer so damned good. Take a listen to it here, but don't be a cheap fuck - buy it here.

EDIT - The forthcoming split with Trist is studio-recorded, not this. Drew gets his kvlt points back AND it sounds awesome. Win-win.

Second is the first full-length album from Greys, who saw a cassette release on MRL last year. Spoken word vocals over beautifully soothing dronescapes. No excuse to not have this in your collection. Stream it (in part) here, and buy it here.

These are only $5 each, and if you bought the Airs Gloomlights 2xCD, send an email to MRL and they'll send you a discount code for free shipping on either or both of these.

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