New Preorders from Handmade Birds

One batch of preorders is delivered, so naturally, it's time for another batch of preorders to go up at Handmade Birds. The first you see above; it is the newest album of cacophonous ambiance from a project of Blake Green from Pussygutt/Wolvserpent. If you were lucky enough to grab a CDr of this from the band, you know wheat you're in for. Quite different from the previous two Aelter  releases, this one will surely blow your mind. Meditative and  trance-inducing, this LP should certainly put you in your place and give you something to think about. NOT background music. Music to immerse yourself in, to let yourself be swallowed up by. 180 gram vinyl with insert. This is a split release with Eternal Warfare, and is limited to only 300, so be sure to order this as soon as you can, because it will sell out, and probably very quickly.

Secondly, a release that I think a lot of us Menace Ruine fans have been patiently waiting for, as it is a project featuring Genevieve Beaulieu from MR, as well as experimental guru James Hamilton (Column, Nebris, Dystonia EK). Preterite is surely not to be missed. Genevieve's voice sends me to places that I cannot touch in any other state, so this will be in constant rotation once it arrives. Check their Facebook page for a preview track, and you'll know what you're getting into. Promises to be some of the most mind-blowing music that will be released this year, so it's no surprise that Sir Loren will be releasing it. A CD limited to 500 copies, in a mini-gatefold with a large fold-out insert. Seriously, don't miss this.

Last but by no means least, a very interesting and strange 12" from White Ring, featuring a Neil Young cover on the A-side ("Hey Hey, My My"), a track said to be their most popular recorded for the first time on the B-side ("Felt U"). and a cover featuring a photo of a shrine to Nirvana's Kurt Cobain created by Kendra Malia herself. Intriguing to say the very least. 180 gram vinyl, mastered at 45 RPM, and the second in Handmade Birds' White Label Series (Crooked Necks' Alright is Exactly What It Isn't, which hasn't left my turntable since arriving, and which will end up being one of the top albums of the year, was the first).

These all are available for preorder now at the Handmade Birds Store. I highly recommend that you indulge in all three of these if you have the means; this is a label that has done nothing but put out truly great and unique music, and these three will surely not disappoint.

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