New Releases Coming from Peaceville... Highlighted by Darkthrone 2xLP

There are a slew of great new vinyl releases coming from Peaceville, including Katatonia's For Funerals to Come, My Dying Bride's The Barghest O' Whitby, Aura Noir's Black Thrash Attack, Enslaved's classic Yggdrasill, and Carpathian Forest's Morbid Fascination of Death. But the highlight of the new releases has got to be the issue of Darkthrone's four cult demos on a vinyl collection called Sempiternal Past. The demos have been restored and remastered from the best tape sources available, and will surely sound fucking great. Issued as a double LP in a gatefold sleeve with band notes and rare photos. Absolutely not to be missed. Will be released on November 14th, but it is available for preorder now. Go to Peaceville and check out all the great shit coming soon.

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