News From Hells Headbangers/Hellcast Metal Podcast

Two bits of news from the cult of Hells Headbangers, one of the absolute best metal labels/distros in the world. First, you should really make a habit of checking out their Hellcast Metal Podcast - it's one of the best and most entertaining ways to stay informed of what's going on in the metal underground. According to the Hellcast website, "Hellcast was created to be a means of interaction for the underground community by supplying information about bands, releases, concerts, etc happening worldwide." Definitely supplies the listener with all that stuff. Make time for it when a new one pops up, you'll never regret it. A new one comes about once every week, and will always be worth your time. Get more info and listen to the  previous podcasts here. Also, you can stay abreast of new developments in the Hellcast by liking the Hellcast Facebook page.

Most importantly, though, I want you to know about this tape, which you can get now from Hells Headbangers, if you act fast. I can't imagine these will last long. This is the debut release from Void Meditation Cult, and it is a cassette called Sulfurous Prayers. I don't want to say too much about it, but I will say that you need to get this, and that I don't want to ever hear you fucking say I didn't warn you. The tape is only $5.55, so you've got no excuses. If you don't have the cash, steal it. It will be worth it, even if you get caught. Again, don't say I didn't warn you. This shit is a big fucking deal. Listen to a track and be transformed, then buy one here.

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