Playlist: Adrian Anioł

Adrian Anioł is a Polish composer, producer and graphic designer. He has been involved in a number of projects including upcoming release of the Agressiva 69 album "Ummmet". He recently did a film score for "Arrhythmia" directed by James Hartley. His debut release "It All Falls Apart" (coda to "Arrhythmia" soundtrack) will be out on Utech Records November 11. Steven Hess contributed a remix to this new EP. 


(today's playlist - mix of single tracks & full albums in no particular order): 

climax golden twins. session 9 (milan records, 2001)
oikos. red forest* (utech records, 2011)
ben frost. theory of machines (bedroom community, 2006)
coil. at the heart of it all* (force & form, 1984)
deaf center. owl splinters (type, 2011)
fennesz/jeck/matthews. amoroso (touch, 2008)
sort sol. marble station* (4ad, 1981)
lento. then* (denovali records, 2011)
barn owl. infinite reach* (thrill jockey, 2011)
the cure. splintered in her head* (fiction records, 1981)
lustmord. black star* (plug records, 1996)
nine inch nails. ghosts I - IV (the null corporation, 2008)
rm74. incremental shift* (utech records, 2010)
pjusk. flyktig* (12k, 2008)
grails. bad bhang recipe* (important records, 2006)
this heat. makeshift swahili* (rough trade, 1981)
kreng. grimoire (miasmah, 2011)
leonardo rosado. sharp knives eyes* (, 2011)
franck vigroux. jonoj* (d'autres cordes records, 2009)
kyle bobby dunn. canyon meadows* (desire path recordings, 2011)
rema rema. fond affections* (4ad, 1980)
demdike stare. regolith* (modern love, 2010)
talvihorros. alpha* (hibernate, 2011)
colin newman. alone* (beggars banquet, 1980)
the soft moon. phantoms* (captured tracks, 2010)
anduin. autumn looming* (smtg limited, 2009)
bastian wegner. face down* (sahko recordings, 2010)
david toop. black chamber* (sub rosa, 2009)
witxes. scrawls#01 (, 2010)
this mortal coil. fyt* (4ad, 1984)
dale cooper quartet & the dictaphones. mon bibliotheque* (denovali records, 2006)
the cure. the figurehead* (fiction records, 1982)
aethenor. dream tassels* (vhf records, 2011)
ike yard. night after night* (les disques du crepuscule, 1981)
clint mansell. moon (black records, 2009)
ural umbo. vral vmbo (utech records, 2010)
nejmano. u | n* (few quiet people, 2011)
david lynch. the air is on fire (strange world records, 2007)
biosphere. forum* (biophon records, 2000)
ulver. island* (kscope/jester records, 2011)
whirling hall of knives. 2-bar heater and smoke (nute records, 2009) 

*single tracks 

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Robert V. said...

Impressive playlist! By the way "It All Falls Apart" by Adrian Aniol (Utech Records) is a must have! It's like a soundtrack to a dark ritual - listen to while sitting alone in the dark.