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Architeuthis Rex are Antonio Gallucci and Francesca Marongiu. Antonio is also known for the psych-guitar drone of throuRoof and the mutant percussive maximalism of White Dwarf Spiral. Francesca has her own project too, Crisne, an underwater dive in upgraded 70's synths atmospheres & vocal textures. Architeuthis Rex's upcoming album, Urania, is a sort of tribute to early sci-fi movies in an obscure and debunking way. Just like Dark As The Sea it will be licensed by Utech Records

Albums (Antonio Gallucci): 

Crash Worship - What So Ever Thy Hand Findeth, Do It With All Thine Might 
(Alarma, 1989)

A Crash Worship gig in all it's magnificent glory. An experience that reminds the listeners of the day after a bad trip, with hallucinations accompanied by a dark soundtrack for a Bacchanalian orgy that occurs right after the High Priests chants and Satanic rituals have been performed. Huge inspiration...I can't stop listening to it, even after so many years!

Swans - Filth
(Neutral, 1983) 

This is not an album, but a musical world. The perfect soundtrack for Judgment Day, where the only humans that survived are crying and screaming in pain and hunger. There is only sickness. This is a festering, decomposing body. This is Filth.

Yoga - Megafauna 
(Holy Mountain, 2009) 

I'm very fascinated by cryptozoology and all things unexplained. On the first Yoga album, the mysterious duo paints a portrait of this hidden world, submerged by black metal-style riffs, drone, mesmerism and repetitive noise patters. Pure trance music and magical evil.

NASA Voyager Recordings - Symphonies Of The Planets 
(LaserLight Digital, 1992) 

Sounds from the Outside. The five volumes are created from original Voyager recordings, using the instruments on the probes to translate vibrations coming from various sources, such as the planetary magnetosphere, radio waves bouncing off of the planets, and interplanetary magnetic fields.

Deuter- D 
(Kuckuck, 1971) 

Sounds from the Inside. Before Georg Deuter lost himself in New Age music, he left the world a great gift with his first two amazing albums, where there is a sort of pre-krautrock feeling made of ambient trips, percussion, and ethnic instruments.

Hawkwind - Space Ritual 
(United Artist, 1973)  

The greatest jam Gods of all time... Disorienting electronic drones and motorik drum patterns that open doors to all kinds of perceptions. Accompanied by repetitive fuzz guitar riffs, interstellar saxes and a trippy bass, this sounds like a sacred invocation to the music of the Spheres, with an always-open eye to the Unknown Galaxy.

Albums (Francesca Marongiu): 

Head - Head 
(Buddah, 1970) 

Wrongfully unrecognized, this "synthy" game album brought 70's kraut excursions into the future sound of spaceships. Psychedelic in a Martian way.

Grumbling Fur - Furrier
(Aurora Borealis, 2011)

There's no more present music than this, a summary mammoth album which crosses the post hc-drone music references and boundaries, building its whole melodramatic architecture in a crooked-slow mantra way.

Piero Piccioni - La decima vittima OST 
(1965/Right Tempo, 2003) 

It's really hard to select one among the many marvellous Italian soundtracks of the 60's and 70's. I've chosen this album for its pure retro-futurist electricity. Its 50's echo in the skin of the 70's that makes me dream I'm dancing in the Colani kitchen I'll never eat in (shrugging/pining).

Weyes Blood - The Outside Room
(LP, Not Not Fun, 2011) 

I definitely fell in love with Natalie's drowned organs and regal vocal layers. She's my small room Nico.

Coil - Musick to Play in the Dark, Volume 1
(Chalice, 1999) 

The ambient synth era has gone dirty and wavy with Sleazy and John. Their most psychedelic work. Lunar & finely sick.

Popol Vuh - Nosferatu OST 
(1979/SPV, 2004) 

Elegant, evil, maybe the most evil album ever; it perfectly matches with one of the most intense and obscure among Herzog movies.

Nico - The Marble Index 
(Elektra, 1969) 

"A real woman playing the queen," as Richard Witts said, spiritual and stripped, in her more intimate and bare album. I've worn it.

Movies (A&F):

Aelita - Jacov Aleksandrovic Protazanov (1924) 

Dune - David Lynch (1984) 

Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women - Peter Bogdanovich (1968) 

A Lizard in a Woman's Skin - Lucio Fulci (1971) 

Shivers - David Cronenberg (1975) 

Stalker - Andrej Tarkovskij (1979) 

Fantastic Planet - RenĂ© Laloux (1973) 

Alice (Neko z Alenky) - Jan Svankmajer (1989) 

Dead Man - Jim Jarmusch (1995) 

Repulsion - Roman Polanski (1965)

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