Playlist: A Death Cinematic

"a death cinematic is a man with a single guitar, an amp, and some effects. all the sounds come from these four elements which are then mixed with intuition and improvisation before they are recorded and then cleaned up minimally on a computer. once these sounds are recorded and arranged they cannot be recreated. each composition is made up of multiple layers which are shifted and changed between tracks. this makes it impossible to reproduce them. the approach is not unlike one might use to make a painting or a sculpture. not all mistakes are eliminated, some are embraced and built upon as others might only slightly be covered or changed in order to produce a whole new effect.

"the man behind a death cinematic is also the man behind simple box construction. this aspect of the project is focused on all the visual and design artwork. this includes anything from photography to t shirt printing and design. all handmade cd packaging design and fabrication as well as small edition hand book binding and printing. both projects embrace the DIY aesthetic and sensibilities. often times forgoing professional production in order to focus on emotional impact of expression through sounds and visuals."

-taken from the a death cinematic page, written by A death cinematic.

The latest a death cinematic release is a split with ekca liena, and is available from Joe over at Small Doses. You should really pick it up, it is a very special release. 

this is only a generalized list, a snapshot of the past several months. as you are reading this, it should be said that this list has already changed and shifted. it would be impossible to list everything here. i thought about just doing a playlist for a day or week but that would force me to ignore the resonance of some really powerful works of art. what follows is in no particular order or preference. i also abstained form writing my opinions on the works here. it would be a monumental task so i chose to restrain myself. i leave it to the works contained herein to influence your own opinions about them. enjoy.


  • angels - denis johnson
  • the book of disquiet - fernando pessoa
  • the animals - richard grossman


  • new essays on the psychology of art - rudolf arnheim
  • dirty work - larry brown
  • summer in baden baden -  leonid tsypkin
  • outer dark - cormac mccarthy
  • consilience: the unity of knowledge - edward wilson
  • the death of bunny monroe - nick cave
  • collected non fictions - jorge luis borges
  • selected verse - federico garcĂ­a lorca


  • the poetics of space - gaston bachelard
  • moby dick - herman melville
  • blood meridian - cormac mccarthy
  • one hundred years of solitude - gabriel garcia marquez
  • the tao of physics - fritjof capra
  • song of the silent snow - hubert selby jr.
  • ham on rye - charles bukowski
  • critique of judgment - immanuel kant
  • ask the dust - john fante
  • see a grown man cry - henry rollins


  • friedrich nietzsche
  • charles bukowski
  • cormac mccarthy
  • jorge luis borges
  • raymond carver
  • robert pirsig
  • ken kesey


  • angles of darkness, demons of light - earth - southern lord
  • the call of the wretched sea - ahab - napalm records
  • mammal - altar of plagues - profound lore
  • subterranean light source - bones of seabirds - small doses
  • luminous night - six organs of admittance - drag city
  • the headlands - barn owl and the infinite strings ensemble - important
  • opportunistic thieves of spring - a forest of stars - prophecy
  • two hunters - wolves in the throne room - southern lord
  • la lechuza - esmerine - constellation
  • lost in the glare - barn owl - thrill jockey
  • point of convergence - tetragrammaton - utech records
  • ecotono - oikos - utech records
  • float - peter broderick - type
  • gratitudes - kinit her - small doses
  • invisible mountain - horse back - utech records
  • the crystal world - locrian - utech records

  • a silver mt zion - entire catalog
  • tom waits - entire catalog
  • god speed you black emperor - entire catalog
  • sunn o)))
  • earth - especially the early stuff
  • boris - especially the early stuff
  • nick cave and the bad seeds - entire catalog
  • grinderman
  • nick cave and warren ellis - all
  • palace, palace brothers, palace music
  • will oldham, bonnie prince billy 
  • johnny cash - sun recordings and american recordings
  • ocean
  • many, many more

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