Pyramids / Horseback LP + 7" Pre-Order

Pre-Orders for this mammoth LP + 7" have finally gone up over at Hydra Head. Been waiting on this one for a while, and should all go according to plan, these should start shipping in about one month, toward the end of November. Very, very excited for this one, as two of the most prominent and innovative experimental musicians have collaborated to bring forth some amazing music. The 7" consists of a new track from each of these artists, on their own. The Pyramids track is called "Phaedra's Love," while the Horseback song is called "The Cult of Henry Flynt." The center of this musical experience, however, is the LP, which is one long (45 minute) collaborative track titled "A Throne Without a King," broken into 4 segments. Aaron Turner did some work on recording and mixing this, and the artwork, which you see above, is also his. Only fitting that it come out on his label, which always does a great job with their vinyl. CD and cassette versions will be coming as well, but the vinyl is what you want.

Hydra Head has also put up pre-orders for new titles from Old Man Gloom and the much-ballyhooed Black Face, and it's not too late to order the newest Prurient 12" as well. As always, lots of merch is available as well.

All of these can be preordered here.

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