Russian Circles, Empros LP, CD, and MP3

We don't post a lot of "post-rock" here, because let's be honest, a lot of post-rock sucks. But there are some bands that transcend the genre they're placed in by fans, the media, and the like. Russian Circles has always been one of those bands, for me at least. They are like no other band playing this "type" of music. Unbelievably catchy hooks, a math-rock sensibility, and absolutely limitless energy combine to make Russian Circles a unique experience, both on record and at their live shows.

I've only seen them once, on a particularly shitty, stormy night a few years ago. After driving for hours, and finally arriving at the venue about an hour later than I had expected, I was prepared to be disappointed and in no mood for it. The second they hit the stage, though, everything changed. Even when a band sucks, they can make up for it by playing with heart and ferocity, but it's always nice when a band plays with that passion and is really tight. Russian Circles, that night, got everything right and there was no place in the world that I would rather have been.

Their tour with Deafheaven starts soon, and is definitely a tour you should plan to see if at all possible. They'll be touring in support of the their brand new full-length, entitled Empros, which is available now on CD, LP, and MP3. You can stream or download the album here, and then link to purchase it, along with a t-shirt or any of their other merch. Check out tour dates here, and make your plans accordingly.

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