Universal Consciousness

I wish this were a post dedicated to the the topic of the possibility of universal consciousness itself, but the topic here is pretty good as well. Universal Consciousness Records is a label to keep your eyes on, releasing cassettes and vinyls by underground artists such as the immortal Lord Time, which I happen to be a big fan of. The artist behind Lord Time is also known as Andorkappen, and can also be found in Harassor. In any case, this is all pretty bleak and grim shit, and needs the attention. The original package I received from Universal Consciousness was held up in the post office for months, collecting dust. Not sure if it's my local branch or whatever, but the USPS sucks a bag of dicks, in case you don't already know.

Harassor's full-length LP is out now, as are new cassettes from Lord Time and Mawdryn. All essential. Do yourself a favor and get them all here.

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