Venowl, Untitled CS

Blakkened noise/metal artist Venowl returns with a limited cassette on Ivory Antler Records that is sure to annoy the shit out of your parents. But it's true value lies much deeper than that.

More so than with any of their previous work, Venowl claims a righteous place in the pantheon of ultra-heavy, ultra-noisy underground metal bands. The metal-element of the noise collage that Venowl creates is on display here more than ever, on the opening track "I" presenting an almost Melvins-like doom sound laced with blood-curdling screams, dense, harsh drones, and layers of fine feedback. Chaos is the winner here, but the track still has a loosely-defined structure holding it together, thanks to some crushing, distorted bass and plodding drums.

The second track, "Retaliation" brings a black-metal edge to the noise, as it's faster and more chaotic than the opening track. The bass and drums are all over the place, but the track brings the listener into more experimental, avant-garde territory, as underneath the layers of filth, their resides an almost jazzy feeling that fits very well amongst the tumult. The indecipherable screams are still there, but they go a little lower this time, providing a tiny bit of variety to the vocals that otherwise might not matter at all.

Noise is the base for this release, so Venowl hasn't strayed too far from their chosen path, but there's enough structure here so that those who prefer some metal and punk with their noise have some more meat to sink their teeth into. It's still raw and  and still primitive, though, so rest assured that you will be punished by the 21 minutes of music contained on this tape, for which the art was done by Reueben Sawyer Rainbath Visual. It is also doesn't hurt that this tape was mastered by Krallice's Colin Marston.

The tape is available for streaming right now on the Venowl Bandcamp page, and will soon be available to order from Ivory Antler Records. Do it.

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