William Fowler Collins - The Resurrections Unseen

The Resurrections Unseen is the newest album from New Mexico musician William Fowler Collins. This is his second album for Type Records and second release this year, following Malpais, his collaborative recording with Gog on Utech Records.

From Boomkat's stellar product review:

The silhouetted, impressionistic black metal ambience of William Fowler Collins has cast a long shadow over all who've crossed his path.  ... [Collins] still exists in a permanent nighttime state, as though the sun has completely abandoned the New Mexico desert and left him, and his music, to slowly decay in the darkness, suffering the attrition of sandstorms and the slow waste of vitamin C deficiency. This is tangibly experienced through titles like 'Embracing Our Own Annihilation' and 'The Light In The Barn' or 'Abattoir' but no more so than the music, a sound of micro entropic processes surveyed with a narrow-eyed panoramic gaze. But there's no theatrical drama to 'The Resurrections Unseen', rather this is a sound mutedly resigned to its fate, stoically watching white noise flesh and guitar textured fabric disintegrate with time, watching the dust accumulate at the stumps where heavy leather boots once stood. The amount of space and detached sense of control in this music is only comparable with the most skilled ambient manipulators - we're talking Deathprod, Thomas K√∂ner, Lustmord, Kevin Drumm - and could well turn out to be a serious seasonal favourite round these parts. Highly recommended.

The Resurrections Unseen is limited to 500 copies, with initial copies being made available on blood red vinyl. The album is officially released on Halloween, but you can pick up now via Boomkat. Forced Exposure and other American distros should have copies on November 7.

Check out John Twells' video for "Abattoir" below:

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