3 New Releases on Antithetic Records

Three new releases from Antithetic Records, all of which come on CD- a first for Antithetic. The first is from France's Nooumena, an avant-garde prog rock band. I don't generally care for prog at all, but given that I enjoy the new Opeth album, I guess I shouldn't be too surprised that this is pretty good. (Not that this really compares to Opeth, that's just not fair.) The weird time signatures and all that proggy stuff are all here in plenty, but it's generally got a pretty unique vibe to it. Maybe I just think it's unique because I don't make a habit of listening to prog... Anyway, this - their debut album - is worth the $9 it costs, so jump on board.

Next, the new record from South Africa's Wildernessking. Formerly existing under the moniker Heathens, they play black metal of an atmospheric variety, infused with some downright rock-n-roll moments. Perhaps it's me, but I hear more rock here than black metal. In any case, their songwriting is decent, and they're talented enough to probably make this a pretty good listen. Their logo was designed by the always gnarly Black Uroborus and the great artwork on this release is by the amazing Reuben Sawyer of Rainbath Visual. Worth the price of admission in itself.

Third, the newest release from the intriguing Book of Sand, titled The Face of the Waters. Of this batch of Antithetic releases, this is the one I'm most excited about, since I've been a fan of Book of Sand and his droney, experimental, almost muted style of black metal. He has always delivered the goods no matter what he's done, so I'm going to trust that this is awesome. You can listen to the unmastered version here, to get an idea of what the CD will consist of. Sounds great. I really love Book of Sand, and hope you do as well. This is available in an edition of only 100, and the artist is getting 25 of those for himself, so you may want to act fast on this one.

Antithetic is a great label, no doubt. Trustworthy to the extreme, so this is always a great label to give your hard-earned money to. Enjoy. Support Antithetic Records by buying these new albums here.


book of sand said...

BoS <3 HSS too!

Shawn said...

Thanks again Harold! I've actually reduced the price to $8 for all of these.

For the Heathens/Wildernessking comparison, they were definitely going for a Black n Roll feel with Heathens. Wildernessking is supposed to be much more organic, sprawling, and less "fun" than Heathens was. I can't wait to hear the final album, what I've heard so far is very different and much better in my opinion. I think you'll love it too.