Four Burials Split on FLENSER

Now Flensing...

One of the heaviest, most soul-crushing sets of music ever has been repressed to CD, featuring new artwork by Chimere Noire. The formerly out-of-print Four Burials compilation, featuring one track each from Loss, Otesanek, Mournful Congregation, and Orthodox, will surely destroy your day, in the best way possible. If you don't have the original press, or even if you do, you'd be well advised to pick this up from Flenser Records. Starts shipping in the first week of December. After you listen , feel free to end your life. You're going to die anyway, right? Why postpone the inevitable?

If you choose to stay alive...

In other Flenser news, the Panopticon Social Disservices CDs and DLPs are shipping now, so if you ordered that, you'll be getting it soon. The Wreck and Reference Black Cassette LP has been delayed due to a poor first test press, but the second set of tests came back great and this should be complete and ready to ship very soon, probably around the same time as the Four Burials album.

Also... very exciting here... San Francisco's Lycus, who I've written about before, will be seeing their demo released on vinyl by Flenser Records in early 2012. One of the heaviest demos I've heard, it is extreme doom as its finest. Very much looking forward to that one... featuring artwork from Bryan Proteau.

And last but not least, Flenser will also be pressing Lake of Blood's latest album, Time and Tide Erodes Stone, on  vinyl in the near future. Lake of Blood's finest work of blood-curdling, primal black metal. Awesome.

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