Great Falls, Untitled Demo

This came out a few months back, but I'm hearing it for the first time right now. Blown away by the A Death Cinematic/Great Falls Split CD, I went diggin for more from Great Falls. It's a Demian Johnston project, so chances are it's gonna be good. Well, this is fucking great. Noisy, in-your-fucking-face, heavy as fuck, and ready to melt your fucking face. FUCK.

Yup, you definitely need to check this out. This is the first Great Falls recording with the band as a three piece featuring Johnston on guitar and vocals, Shane Mehling on bass, and Phil Petrocelli behind the drum kit. As I've mentioned before, I admit I've not been listening to much metal at all over the past month, focusing mainly on rediscovering my love for industrial, power-electronics, and noise, but this is a nice way to bridge that gap, and get me listening to more metal again.

Like I said, it's noisy as hell, drenched in feedback and heavy distortion, but the band never really loses control. They're on the verge of it numerous times, but they manage to reel their shit in every time. Johnston's vocal assault compliments the chunky yet flowing guitar and bass work, and gives the album that extra shred of harshness that you'd be left wanting if it wasn't there.  He sounds like he really wants to tear your heart out. Who knows, maybe he does...

The rhythm section is the element that really keeps this held together. The plodding bass is excellent, and keeps this moving at the absolute perfect pace -never too slow, never too fast. Petrocelli's drums are pummelling and powerful - what more could you ask. Everything about this is so damn heavy, and I'm stoked to have heard it. Feeling really excited right now.

You should certainly add this to your collection. You can download it for free from the Great Falls Bandcamp page, or do the right thing and buy the CD from Dead Accents, along with a plethora of other amazing music.

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JohanAsTree said...

This is so good! Playing Enemy vibes all over again, but way harsher.