Holographic Beast

Once upon a time (now) there was a guy in Seattle named Jeff that made music (power electronics/noise) under the moniker of Holographic Beast. I happened to stumble across reviews of these two tapes (entitled Glass Tightrope and Perpetual Filth) on Demian Johnston's Dead Formats blog (which is excellent, and a constant source, for me, of what's good in this style of music) and was intrigued. The tapes were cheap, so I grabbed a copy of each. Very impressed by what I heard, and surprised that I hadn't heard of this before. This genre of music can become very repetitive and boring, especially for the uninitiated, but these two tapes are far from boring, and not at all repetitive. There's a good deal of variety from song to song, and even within the songs, to keep the listener's (yours, in this case) attention. At times very harsh, and at others... well, not so harsh, and you can almost be tricked into thinking the Beast has become soft. They're both great tapes, but if I had to choose one over the other, I would probably go with Perpetual Filth, just because there's a little more to offer in the manner of substance. That sounds like it takes something away from the other tape, but that's not the case; the pure audial attack of Glass Tightrope doesn't need a whole lot of substance to get it's point across. Get in the box and shut the fuck up.

Both the tapes comes with digital downloads, which is nice. Digital downloads are also available via the Holographic Beast Bandcamp page, but for this kind of noise, the analog format is always preferred. (In case you're a newcomer to HSS, analog is ALWAYS the preferred format.) You can order the tapes from the Bandcamp page or email Jeff here for more info.

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