HUGE No Visible Scars Update

I always look forward to getting these tapes in the mail from No Visible Scars; truly underground shit that not many people have heard, and always high in quality. Hopefully, my posts of their new stuff can expose more people to this cassette label that always has great stuff to offer. These guys had fucking Blessed Offal before Hells Headbangers picked up them up. That should tell you something.

First, what you see above - the new cassette from Italy's Ur, titled Clandestine Meeting Park. Drone, industrial, and ambient come together to produce two bleak 15-minute sound collages. Astonishingly dark and ripe with decay, this is what you hear when you die. Amazing.  15 copies available on clear yellow chrome tapes, while the rest are on single sided black tapes. Get it while you can, they don't figure to last all that long.

Second, a split cassette from Reclusa and Degenerate Slug. Reclusa sounds fucking impossible- and I mean that in a good way. Doom influences the industrial/ambient noise mix here. Really excellent. And Degenerate Slug has a pretty obvious Dissecting Table influence, which is always a good thing. Another excellent cassette that you must have.

Last but by no means least is this fucking killer split LP from Mania and Custodian. This is one is being talked about a lot, and it should be. Four new tracks from each artist - loud, crushing, noisy and fucking vacant. Both of these artists have the spirit of old industrial noise coursing through them, and it's so fitting that they end up on a split together. This can be streamed here; you can also buy mp3's there. If you want the LP, go to the NVS BigCartel.

The two cassettes above can also be heard and purchased at the NVS Bandcamp. The cassettes come with digital downloads. Support!

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