Life in the Dark, Absolute Control

It appears our friend Zen Zsigo is taking his ambient/drone project Life in the Dark in a new direction, towards cold industrial sounds. In his words, "unhappy, british industrial insomnia." I love the old LITD, but am very excited to hear this new tape, titled Absolute Control.

As noted by Zen on the email and website, "This release is a fundraiser for some new cassette duplication equipment for the label. This will mean much, much faster turnaround from now on and more releases from many different artists. If you have never ordered from Sunyata before but have enjoyed some of our releases then make this your first order and help us out! To loyal and regular customers, thank you very much for all support."

Very limited edition, so act fast if you want it. Do the right thing and support one of the most talented underground artists I know. Available now from Sunyata Recordings.

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