Neige et Noirceur and Forteresse bring new albums on Sepulchral Productions

Two excellent new from Canada's Sepulchral Productions. First is the blistering and heavy new album of Quebecois pride from Forteresse. They've been exploring a more epic and atmospheric variety of black metal over their last few releases, and those have been great, but for this new album they've gone back to the roots of black metal, favoring a more straight-forward and aggressive approach. The songwriting, as always, is top-notch. These gentlemen know how to write hypnotic and memorable riffs, and they do it so well. While I was a big fan of their more atmospheric work, this is quickly becoming one of my favorite Forteresse works. The first 100 copies of this will be available with a great-looking long-sleeve, designed by Tony Roberts, to comprise the "die-hard" edition.

Second, the amazing new album from Neige et Noirceur. Like the Forteresse album, the music here is fast, heavy and aggressive, shying away from the more ambient directions that Neige et Noirceur have become know for, but I still have a hard time saying this isn't some of their best work. Still very dark, the feel here is eerie and sinister, and evocative of blackened winter nights. Even without the ambient textures, there is still a lot here that will please fans of Paysage d'Hiver, as their is a raw quality to the sound that is cold and true.

Both of these album are available for pre-order now from Sepulchral Productions.

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